Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wartime Rationing

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My new passion is recipes from wartime rationing. I'm on the lookout for recipes from this period after seeing a few episodes of "Wartime Kitchen and Garden" produced by the BBC. There are eight episodes but unfortunately the BBC never made the show onto DVD or even VHS. I accidentally came across three episodes on You Tube and loved it. I am searching for the other five episodes, hopefully I will find all eight together. The show is about rationing during WWII in England and is a reenactment documentary that is highly enjoyable and informational. There are recipes, gardening tips and everyday homemaking tips that can be used in today's households.

I did manage to find a book based on the same TV show. It is more of a history book about wartime rationing than just a cookbook. Like the show, it is packed full of informational tidbits that I am going to use. Now, I am after more wartime rationing cookbooks. I am interested to learn what the women of those days were able to create with such a limited supply.



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